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55829Re: Amherst Galley Vs Whalewatcher

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  • mason smith
    Oct 8, 2007
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      Hello all-- I'm chiming in on the questions about Birdwatcher, Whalewatcher, and Amherst Galley. All I know about the AG is what I read in Bolger's fiction about it, which made clear, if I remember, that it was really for a kids' outward-bound sort of camp. Sounded great and looks funny. I knkow more about BW and WWm having owned two BWs and the original WW. So I can answer a coupld of questions.
      1, yes, you have to go over the top and around the tabernacle to get into the anchor well. That's about the only inconvenience on that boat, and it is not too bad.
      2.BW does very well with a simple motor mount such as I found already on my first BW, which was the first one built. Simply a 2 x 8 or so of mahogany stuck through the port side and mated with the well baffle in the stern. This is far simpler than the motor arrangements for BWII. I put the same sort of mount on my second BW, which is, or recently was, for sale again, in Newport, RI. That one, by the way, has the semi-complicated but fast Solent sloop rig too. Great sails. I would recommend it to anywone considering BW.
      Cored sandwich construction for BW? By all means. It is even specified for the new version, BW II. I don't think it's at all necessasry but it would be very good for lots of reasons.
      And finally, anybody considering building as Whalewatcher, please be aware that I have some valuable Whalewatcher assets. If I keep them, I almost have to build a Whalewatcher to make use of them. If I can sell them, I will. They are the perfect custom trailer, wide, low, tilting, with brakes. Built for the boat, and well designed and done. The brand new sails, from a name sailmaker in Dartmouth, MA. With a nifty whale's tail logo on the main. The spars, all of them, masts, yard, booms, and the little gaff for the mizzen.
      I had the hull, too, but last spring when I cut into it I decided it simply was too bad to rebuild, and I destroyed it.

      Am now finishing up a Micro which will probably be available for sale after I use it a bit. I got it very cheap without ballast keel or sails or spars, so I have put quite a lot into it. It came with a good, but too-high, new Long trailer and Honda 8 motor. I am getting a drop-axle for the trailer, with underslung springs, so it will be a fine outfit. Best to all---Mason Smith

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