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55805Re: Amherst Galley Vs Whalewatcher

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  • dproasit
    Oct 6, 2007
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "dproasit" <knic0014@...> wrote:
      > Thank you Bruce and all
      > A couple more qu's : Access to bow for WW. In photos it
      > looks like you gotta climb thru a window to get there or crawl over
      > the top. Any ideas?
      > : In AG I think have read that there
      > are bench seats along sides, not open floor as in BW, with some sort
      > of insert to put in place for having a camp. Is this so?
      > : Would BW be a better sailer than
      > AG or WW?
      > : I keep on waffling on about these
      > types since I checked out a BW. However I "think" I need to have an
      > outboard which may be a bit untidy on BW and BW is a tad too small in
      > the sleeping area for me, hence looking at larger animals.
      > : What do you reckon about
      > stretching BW a whisker to accommodate required berth length as it is
      > everything else that I need apart from a little difficult to get on
      > : Do you think these designs are
      > adaptable to foam s'wich construction and what thoughts does anyone
      > have on this. From what I've seen it may be a lot quicker to build
      > this way along with less weight for launch and trail.
      > See you and thanks again = Darrell
      > > > Amherst Galley Vs Whalewatcher
      > >
      > > The Amherst Galley compares much closer to Birdwatcher. Whalewatcher,
      > > by my guess, is triple the displacement of the Amherst Galley.
      > >
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