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55782Re: [bolger] Re: Building a Long Dory

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  • Bruce Hallman
    Oct 3 2:19 PM
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      On 10/3/07, adventures_in_astrophotography <jon@...> wrote:
      > I'll wager that the original will be slightly
      > faster than your rendering, thanks to the slightly longer waterline
      > length, but I like the looks of your version, too.

      Off line, here in physically in my hands, I have made some paper scale
      models of this exaggerated long dory and a 'per plans' Gloucester
      Gull. Comparing the two: Most notable I see that mine has more
      curvy-ness, in the bottom (as the GGull has nearly a flat bottom), and
      also in the sheerline. Speed isn't everything, (considering that
      boats are also 'sculptures' of a sort.) Big long swoopy sheerlines
      are pretty.

      What I am thinking of is a 'pretty' boat to launch through the surf
      near my home, and the higher ends from that exaggerated curvature, I
      think, might be an improvement. Plus, it needs to be light weight
      enough to drag a hundred yards from the car to the water.
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