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  • endsley_t
    Oct 2, 2007
      I think maybe my comment about "pushing the Elements to the limit" may
      have been misconstrued.
      First off let me say I live in Gulfport, MS. For those who may not be
      familiar with our geography, we have several barrier islands with
      three being a sort sail (5-7 miles offshore). The water depth between
      shore and these islands averages around 12 feet (deeper in some
      places, shallower in many!). Even though the islands give protection
      from the ocean, when the wind conditions are right and the tide is
      running in the opposite direction the seas get confused. Producing
      short, flat, irregular waves usually up to 3 feet (although I have
      seen 6).
      Of course a prudent sailor is aware of the weather and always keeps an
      eye out for deteriorating conditions, But what if I were on the open
      ocean side (South) of an island, which happened to be the Lee side,
      and was completely unaware of the Windward conditions until the
      fateful return trip?
      Per plan, would the Micro stand up to 3 foot seas?
      The real reason I wanted a 1" Hull was due to Katrina debris. Efforts
      are ongoing to remove more but it is a slow process. I worry that
      eventually I may run into something and I wanted the piece of mind
      that the Hull would stand up to it without puncture. Maybe I'm
      My intention for this boat is to sail with the family out to islands
      on the weekends. I just want to be able to get home in bad weather
      conditions if we are forced to by time constraints.
      Mr. Lenihan, I have seen pictures of your boat and I aspire to achieve
      the level of finish you did with LESTAT. A true Gold-Plater!
      I have read a lot of Mr. Bolger's comments pertaining to changing his
      designs and that is not what I intended. I just thought thicker was
      What about 1/2" Hull, 3/8" everywhere else? With sheathed exterior
      will it be beyond the reasonable towing capacity of a 6 cylinder?
      Or will the Micro with 1/4" plywood throughout and sheathed exterior
      be more than enough for my needs and intended uses?
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