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  • graeme19121984
    Oct 1, 2007
      I'd suggest that you run your suggestions by PB&F. They could
      quickly tell you what such a significant increase in the overall
      scantlings might do to the Micro performance. I think they would be
      quite interested to hear of your wanting "a boat capable of pushing
      the Elements to the limit."

      It's not just that with the extra hull weight you will have a much
      reduced payload, it also may not be as stiff. 3/8" is good, and I'd
      guess up to 1" around the bottom would be alright.

      The Micro figures of 420lbs ballast, 875lbs empty weight, and 1650
      lbs displacement are for a boat constructed from 1/4" ply, and only
      painted. Jim Michalak has a rule-of-thumb somewhere that for 1/4"
      calculate 35lbs per plywood sheet finished, which comes very close
      to the specified Micro hull weight. For 3/8 it's 50lbs and for 1/2"
      it's 70lbs (or there abouts), and I think that may be only for boats
      sheathed on the bottom.


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "endsley_t" <endsley_t@...> wrote:
      > Thank you gentlemen for your responses. I asked 'per plan' for a
      > general idea of the price and time involved for a 'workboat' type
      > finish. Even though my goal is a 'Gold-Plater' finish on a strong
      > over-built boat.
      > I intend to use marine grade plywood throughout. 1" Hull, Transoms
      > and Sides (or would it be better to have 1" sides to about 5" above
      > where the Transoms meet the Hull and go 1/2" from there up?). 3/8"
      > Deck and Cockpit.
      > Everything exterior will be sheathed, everything interior will be
      > I want a true keel with solid deadwood with the ballast through-
      > into the Hull.
      > I also wish to beef-up the Deck (such as LESTAT) with three
      > beams for deck support.
      > None of this is new and has been done on some existing Micros and
      > Micros.
      > In essence, I want a boat capable of pushing the Elements to the
      > limit. One that, if caught out in a squall, will get me home safe.
      > What are the disadvantages of the added plywood weight?
      > Any other modifications anyone would use (or did use) building
      > Micro?
      > If you were going to build today...
      > Micro or Long Micro?
      > Why?
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