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55747Re: Bolger Micro

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  • Martin Roberts
    Oct 1, 2007
      I sail a micro in the UK. She was built by a single man over a 4
      year period. Her total build cost in 1999 were £6000+ incl trailer
      (bespoke) and sail from Common Sense designs.

      However she is up for sail for only £1200 excluding engine but
      including two rigs - original and junk.

      So a secondhand one seems to cost in better.

      > Hello Bolgerites. My questions concern the Micro.
      > 1) What are the plan costs?
      > 2) How many have been built?
      > 3) Per plan, How many manhours in construction?
      > 4) Per plan, What is the estimated total construction cost (including
      > new sails, new 5 h.p. 4-stroke marine outboard, and a new aluminum
      > trailer)?
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