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  • chebacco_30
    Sep 5, 2007
      I have the spritsail not the leg-o-mutton.

      The hooks are "designed" for the sail I have. However, I think I have
      found a rather simple solution after seeing this photo of Optis on
      Sailing Anarchy


      I think I'm going to make myself a boom and quit complaining.


      ps: I don't know how to add a link, but if you copy and paste...

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, catboat15@... wrote:

      > I have built and sailed, rowed and puttered around with a small
      outboard and
      > I was quite happy with the design. (In fact building another one
      right now.)
      > Forget about those hooks for looping the sheet. I think they were
      added for
      > the optional sail plan. What I did with mine was to add a block to
      the clew at
      > the end of the spirit boom. Added a rope horse across the transom.
      The main
      > sheet had a clip that hooked to the horse; up to the block then to
      an eye
      > bolt on top of the tiller where it is hinged to the rudder, this
      allowed me to
      > hold the sheet with the same hand as on the tiller. Since the
      skipper is
      > sitting on the bottom of the boat I added a rope across the hull
      from side to
      > side to grab and pull myself to the windward side when tacking.
      The seat is
      > used only for rowing and is loose to slide around on the floor
      boards to adjust
      > for the rowing position. The plans show two sets of "foot braces"
      one set
      > when rowing solo and the other set when loaded with a passenger..
      > I have been dumped into the drink, but my own fault since I was
      sitting on
      > the sheet and could not let it fly when the wind came over the other
      > (sailing on a lake where the wind goes funny directions through the
      > surrounding the lake.) When I sailed with a passenger they usually
      sat opposite
      > me and slightly towards the stern while I sat as close to the CB
      trunk as I
      > could without bumping into it when changing from one tack to the other.
      > Sure not the most comfortable boat to either sail or row, but light
      > to carry on the luggage rack on my car, even can load it from a curb
      to the top
      > of a Jeep Cherokee (would not like to try to put it on top of a Ford
      > Explorer!) Loads up on our Toyota Rav4 with little work and rides
      fine up there.
      > I don't see how you could sit high enough to be hit by a block at
      the end of
      > the spirit boom as the boom is well above your head in normal
      seating on the
      > bottom of the boat (I had a life float I sat on to spare my rear end
      from the
      > wood)
      > The only real problem I has was that it was really difficult to see
      to the
      > lee side through that sail; almost had some collisions tacking back
      to my site
      > down a channel lined with yachts.
      > Bolger, Payson Car topper
      > 14-9 foot Swifty
      > John Meacham
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      all-new AOL at
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