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55360Re: [bolger] Whalewatcher

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  • Robb
    Aug 29, 2007
      I've been digging in my history ever since I wrote that message.....I havn't found it yet but I'm still looking.....I may not be able to find it. The website wasn't about the whalewatcher it was about an australian made 12 volt refrigerator believe it or not. They were talking about how well it worked on their whalewatcher and there were several nice pictures of the boat sailing.........Robb

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      On 8/29/07, Robb <Robb@...> wrote:
      > Yes there is at least one built because I've seen pictures of it sailing......Robb

      Where did you see those photos? I am curious to learn more.



      ...is the only whalewatcher I have heard of.

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