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55357Plywood research findings

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  • dnjost
    Aug 30, 2007
      Dear Group -
      Since the demise of Diablo, I have been seeking out varying suppliers
      of plywood for the best material at the best price to build the next
      boat, presumably for the 9.9 hp motor left behind.

      Here is the scoop:1/4 inch 4X8 used for comparisons,

      Hydrotek = 25 lbs per sheet around 50 bucks
      Aquateck - 30 lbs per sheet around 35 bucks per sheet
      doug fir marine ply- all suppliers are skeptical of its reliability,
      not recommended by all. Interesting.

      Okoume - 18 lbs per sheet. bs 1088 standard, around 65 per sheet, this
      is the way to go for a quality build,

      AC Exterior - not recommended by the suppliers but 5 sheets are
      available at the lumber yard on my way home... This, combined with the
      leftover wood in my garage = a June Bug for $100. This just cannot be
      ignored. I see some fun coming up this weekend after the repairs to
      the luan ply Pointy Skiff (celebrating it's 20 year birthday). Bet I
      can whack one of these together before the first ice.