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55039Re: Smaller Sneakeasy

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  • Ron Schroeder
    Aug 8, 2007
      I got a little farther with the design. Still need to refine the
      sheer a little. I raked the bow stem a tiny bit so if you trim the
      weight a little forward to lift the transom to the waterline for lower
      drag at displacement speeds it will not look nose down and still looks
      correct when trimmed level.

      Also trying as an option a shallow V in the forward 1/3 of the hull
      bottom. This may reduce pounding and drumming without the complexity
      of a box keel.

      I am still trying to decide on the minimum plywood thickness. I think
      the origional had 3/8" sides and a 1/2" bottom. I am sure that I
      could get by with 6mm(1/4") sides and 9mm(3/8") bottom if I use Okoume
      but I wonder if I could get by with 4mm sides and 6mm bottom?

      I want to make it as light as possible and still handle at least 8HP.
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