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  • Tim Anderson
    Aug 2 6:42 AM
      Bernie Wolford (sp?)


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      Hey Tim where did you get the plans for the Bee? I
      think I have asked before but I don't remember if
      anyone told me where to find the plans.


      --- Tim Anderson <lebateautim@ <mailto:lebateautim%40earthlink.net>
      earthlink.net> wrote:

      > I Stretched a Bolger "BEE" ( the test bed for the
      > box keel) to 10 feet and I
      > added the beavertails to finish at 11' 6"; it ran at
      > 18knts with 8hrs Honda.
      > I put 14" x 5.5" x .625" wedges under the aft end
      > off the beavertails when
      > looking for a solution to Tony Groves planning
      > problems on the Retriever. It
      > worked great! The boat ran like it was on rails and
      > banked beautifully in
      > the corners. My one regret is that I used Luan
      > Under-layment Ply which is
      > void free but the glue was not waterproof so I have
      > to cut it up to throw it
      > away. It was so exciting to run that we named it
      > Kamikaze skiff. Tim P
      > Anderson

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