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55000Re: [bolger] Re: Shorthanded Cruising AS19

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  • John Kohnen
    Aug 2, 2007
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      Hah! I thought so! <g> You weren't getting the optimum horsepower from the
      wind when you were clocked. Most people lie about how their boats go
      _faster_ than they really will. ;o) I've been impressed by how well my
      Jewelbox, Jr. moves in light breezes. In the lightest airs I suspect that
      the high rig (20' 8" mast) catches some of the stronger breeze above the
      friction of the water, and the deep rocker has less surface area, and thus
      skin friction, than a flat-bottom boat with flatter rocker. When the
      breeze gets a little stronger the "sea of peas" shape kicks in and she
      moves along real nice but, in moderate breezes at least, I haven't got her
      past maybe 4.6 knots. <shrug> I'll have to check the batteries in my GPS
      and take her out on a breezy day on the local mudhole (the Thistle
      nationals are being held there this week, and every afternoon the wind has
      been gusting into the mid to high 20 mph range! Probably too much
      excitement in a racing dinghy <g>). My 15' sailing skiff, with a slightly
      longer waterline length and much flatter rocker, has little trouble going
      a little faster than theoretical hull speed (given a good wind, she's
      undercanvased for use on the windy Oregon Coast), but the JB, Jr.
      struggles to get past hull speed...

      A curious thing is how fast Sage goes under power. That 3.5 Tohatsu is
      more power than she _needs_, but she somehow manages to make us of it.
      <shrug> I've never got my skiff to go as fast under power as she'll sail,
      even using a 4 hp. engine, she just wants to dig her stern in... I would
      have expected that the flatter rockered skiff would outdo the heavily
      rockered JB, Jr.

      BTW, I got the Tohatsu because for the same price as a 2 hp. Honda I could
      get an engine with water cooling and a real (dog) clutch. On Sage, a
      cruising boat, the extra weight doesn't matter much.

      On Wed, 01 Aug 2007 16:49:39 -0700, cabbie wrote:

      > ...
      > I do have to clarify my statement about boat speed:
      > I do not have a GPS or any other speed measuring equipment; I don't
      > even sail with a watch.
      > The first year I had the boat I was paced by Don S...on his Pearson
      > 40 something. He reported 4.4 knots, and after thinking about that
      > day, the wind was light. I was sailing on a close reach in smooth
      > water on starboard tack; the wind was certainly less than 10 knots,
      > but I'm not sure how much less. Don did remark that he was quite
      > impressed with my speed in those conditions.
      > ...

      John <jkohnen@...>
      All the troubles of man come from his not knowing how to sit
      still. <Blaise Pascal>
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