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54912Re: [bolger] Tortoise

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  • David Ryan
    Jul 29, 2007
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      On Jul 29, 2007, at 5:51 PM, Bruce Hallman wrote:

      >What a great Tortoise! Pound for pound that has to be the best
      Bolger design.
      >I notice your elegant solution to the dagger board question.

      I made it out of 1/4", to make it as easy as possible for Maggie to
      handle. Unfortunately, the rig generates enough power that it really
      chicken-wings if left on the windward side, so it's better to switch
      on the tack, which means more handling. A heavier board might
      actually end up being easier to deal with. One of these years we
      might give it a try.

      At any rate, the boat sails beautifully. When I get tired up chasing
      our 18 month old up and down the beach, I put her in the Tortoise,
      named Puff Ball, and we go out for a circuit of the South end of the
      lake. She loves trailing her hands over the side, or feeding me
      crackers while we dribble along!

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