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54888Re: Plans from CSD?

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  • nels
    Jul 28, 2007
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      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "mrfirkin" <thurcros@...> wrote:

      > Hi Nels,
      > That's a very nice gesture. I had just about given up, and was going
      > to build a Hartley TS16 instead, but looking again at the plans I
      > think the Micro will be a much easier boat to build.
      > I am willing to buy them from you. Just let me know. If you've ever
      > dreamed of building a Hartley TS16 we could swap! :)
      > Cheers,
      > Paul
      Funny you should ask as the Hartley TS16 was one of my first boat
      building dreams - about 40 years ago!

      I was looking at a Wayfarer brochure that also included Hartley
      information so mailed away for their brochure as well. The Hartley's
      were very innovative I thought. First time I had seen plywood
      multi-chine construction, full-width cabins and I believe water
      ballast was even offered but not sure now.

      At that time they had to be ordered directly from NZ and of course I
      was confused about which model I wanted as they ranged from 12 feet to
      21 feet:-) The TS16 or 18 seemed to be the most desirable.

      Sounds like fun to finally get the plans. Micro however has a lot to
      offer that the Hartley's don't have. More interior space without the
      centerboard, easy to rig and very stable.

      It is more like a small ship than a larger dinghy.

      Here is my email "arvent at hotmail dot com." Send me you mailing
      address and I will get the plans into the mail by next week and will
      air mail them.

      We cannot have Micronuts building other designs!


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