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54881Re: Plans from CSD?

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  • mrfirkin
    Jul 27, 2007
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      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "nels" <arvent@...> wrote:
      > --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "lancasterdennis" <dlancast@> wrote:
      > > As I see it, you
      > > have two, maybe three choices here: PCB (who does not respond),
      > > (who's plans are not updated, etc.) and Ebay (for used plans).
      > >
      > > Good Luck.
      > >
      > > Dennis
      > > Bellingham, WA
      > I have a set of Micro plans that have never been used and for which
      > the royalites have been paid. (Purchased from Elrow LaRowe many
      > ago.)
      > I will never use them as I own a completed Micro purchased already
      > built. So I am willing to donate them for free. I only have kept
      > to refer to if someone is asking for certain details.
      > The problem is that I am not at home right now but would be willing
      > send them once I get back to where they are located - probably in
      > another week.
      > These plans even include a couple of B&W photos of Elrow during his
      > construction, which he never finished.
      > I guess in the meantime Paul (mrfirkin) you could start looking at
      > getting material together?
      > Nels

      Hi Nels,

      That's a very nice gesture. I had just about given up, and was going
      to build a Hartley TS16 instead, but looking again at the plans I
      think the Micro will be a much easier boat to build.

      I am willing to buy them from you. Just let me know. If you've ever
      dreamed of building a Hartley TS16 we could swap! :)


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