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54864Re: [bolger] Re: Plans from CSD?

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  • Bruce Hallman
    Jul 27, 2007
      > PCB (who does not respond)
      Stated as a truism, such a statement is unwarranted.
      My guess is that they are on summer vacation.

      > As I see it, you
      > have two, maybe three choices here:

      There is also a fourth option, build your Micro from the drawings in
      the book. I don't have BWAOM in hand, but I recall that the plans are
      reproduced there almost in their entirety. Someone please check my
      memory, but little is missing in the book; perhaps the sheet showing
      the nestled panel cut laid out onto ten sheets of 1/4" plywood? In
      any case, you would be well served to first build a quick paper model
      before going full size. You could and should work out your layout on
      paper anyway.
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