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  • Chester Young
    Jun 26, 2007
      I am curious; since this is a far flung group I anticipate widely varied
      responses. Here in Florida many of the counties have Manatee Protection
      Plans (MPP) specific to that county. This is a result of the lawsuits and
      threatened lawsuits by Save the Manatee and various other environmental
      groups. It has created a scarcity of in water and dry storage slips for
      boats of all types. To maximize the economic potential for a given marina
      many in the area will not rent a wet slip to vessels less than 30' in length
      since a vessel is a vessel, and most of the MPP use some form of ratio for
      slips, thus limiting the number of vessels in any facility. It is the slip
      count limits that create a lot of scarcity, not physical space at the
      marina. Several years ago when the office I worked from was near downtown I
      would sail to a nearby marina that was managed by a friend. On one occasion
      the powers that be (Florida Department of Environmental Protection) cited
      the marina for having a vessel in a non-approved location, the vessel was my
      12' O'Day Widgeon that does have a registration, but not a motor. When I
      see photos of a Micro sitting in a berth of a large facility, I can only
      think that is not going to happen here. I am fortunate to have access to
      single family dock and a nearby ramp, so I can continue to launch, retrieve
      and berth my small vessels such that I get a lot of on water time with the
      Esther Mae.

      What is the story else where? This is a group that thrives on small boats
      and real use of the same. Much of the reason behind all the restrictions is
      couched in 'public interest'; I see it functioning as public exclusion.


      (also know as Chester Young, Vice President, Hans Wilson & Associates, a
      highly effective group of marine and environmental consulting engineers)


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      Thanks for the info (link) Bruce.

      And your right, having a berth makes for more fun and less driving and
      setting up to have funm, but around here, for me at least, planning for the
      worst and hoping for the best is a good strategy. I can't count on a berth
      for a small boat, so I have to consider which small boat would best fit my
      limited resources and provide me with the most sailing for the money.

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