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54463Re: delamination of resin and plywood

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  • Bob Slimak
    Jun 26, 2007
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      Regarding the use of Plastic Resin glue. This glue is considered to be water resistant, not waterproof. Urea Resin glue is waterproof. That being said, I have used it long ago for a boat that was only going to be in the water for day use only. Urea is nearly as expensive as Epoxy. Since plastic, urea and epoxy all have to be mixed, the only reason to use plastic is to save money, there being no savings in time. Neither plastic or urea are gap filling. That means that ALL joints must be tight as the glue itself has little strength. The optimal film thickness of none gap filling glues is .005 of an inch. This is why epoxy has become the glue of choice for boat builders, especially amateurs. Lacking computer controlled cutting equipment that a lot of "Kit" companies sell, we don't have to be so fussy on fitting joints, since the epoxy fill is stronger than the wood. Sometimes trying to save money comes at the cost of boat failure, such as evidenced by the original post
      on this subject.

      Bob Slimak

      PS - That half inch birch ply that fell apart. I have not used half inch, but that Baltic Birch 5 ply, be careful. Menards sell two types. One type in 4X8 sheet is the same as the 4X5 underlayment and has waterproof glue. They also sell another Baltic Birch 5 ply that is not rated for exterior and is not waterproof. If you ever use this (even for interior) make sure you are picking from the right pile!

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