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54440Re: [bolger] Re: delamination of resin and plywood

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  • Dennis Mingear
    Jun 25 7:04 AM
      Yes, but, depending on the ratio of resin to filler you can also use it as a filler for the weave of the cloth that you used on the plywood. You can also include some alcohol in the filler mix and make a very dry micro-mix that is very much easier to sand than just resin and micro balloons alone.

      The aircraft people first fill the weave with a micro slurry and then after sanding, fill the remaining or resulting pin holes with various spray-on fillers with UV inhibitors.

      Lots of info on these procedures in the homebuilt aircraft world and websites.

      So depending on the mix, it can be used for fairing and filling.

      Denny ...

      derbyrm <derbyrm@...> wrote:
      As I understand it, microballoons, whether phenolic or glass, are for fairing. Once the surface is the right shape, you still need a primer to fill those broken baubles and get ready for your final coat of paint.


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      Hello, I'm new to the group, just joined today.

      Go to this link http://www.aircraftspruce.com/menus/cm/index.html

      They have a nice article on very lightweight fillers and some good info on various types of cloth. It's an homebuilt aircraft site, so saving weight and construction time are important to them.

      Micro balloons and epoxy can make a very nice light weight filler, but sanding it down to a mirror like finish will still be a challenge.

      Denny ...

      "Jon & Wanda(Tink)" <windyjon@...> wrote:
      Some great answers the only thing I would add is if you are going to
      cover a boat with a tarp buy a good one and create a way for air to
      circulate so it can dry out if it gets damp or wet.


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Kristine Bennett <femmpaws@...> wrote:
      > Just resin is not the answer you need to glass cloth
      > to add bulk for the resin harden in also the cloth
      > helps in adding to the over all strenth of the hulls
      > as well.
      > Epoxy is the best to use and as for your glass cloth
      > look at your industral styles I like the 7781 for the
      > simple reason it's a satin finsh to the cloth so you
      > get a smoother finsh from the cloth then "boat cloth".
      > You are going to spend a bit more for your cloth BUT
      > it will save you hours in sanding time and epoxy to
      > fill the boat cloth.
      > I know they make a number of lighter weights of the
      > same style cloth but I can't remember the numbers but
      > if you look at www.fiberglasssupply.com I think is the
      > site they will have it listed.
      > Yep you will need to clean up the hulls to bright wood
      > and start all over. I'm sure you didn't want to hear
      > that.
      > Also make sure your hulls are sealed so no water can
      > get into them no matter where it comes from. That will
      > give your hulls the best chance to see a long and
      > usefull life.
      > Blessings Krissie

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