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54432Re: [bolger] delamination of resin and plywood

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  • Kenneth Grome
    Jun 24, 2007
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      Polyester and vinylester resins are NOT adhesives so they should not be used
      on wood.

      Sure, some people report no problems with this approach and they preach that
      it's okay to do this ... but lots of others have had serious problems with
      it -- maybe not immediately like you did, but several years later.

      If you're building in wood you should always use EPOXY. If you're building in
      fiberglass use epoxy (always better) or an -ester (usually cheaper).

      It wouldn't hurt to buy a tarp and keep the boat covered and dry too ... :)

      Ken Grome
      Bagacay Boatworks

      > I built two wooden hulls for a pontoon boat (not bolger) and moved the
      > completed boat out side and then we got some rain which got into the
      > hulls and now the resin is coming off the ply wood. I took the two
      > pontoons back off the deck and using a chisel I am able to remove both
      > the paint and the resin dollar bill size chunks.
      > I did not use glass! only resin. Should I clean up the wood, and glass
      > and resin again and make sure the top is water tight before I remount
      > the hulls.
      > What type resin is best, epoxy, poly-u ? What weight glass, woven,
      > biderectional?
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