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53971Re: Micro Tabernacle

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  • Nels
    Jun 2, 2007
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "robert181605" <fuzzwurzle@...> wrote:
      > Thanks Bruce, John,

      > Yes please pictures would be great.
      > Bob

      There is a file at Bolger4 named MICRO NAVIGATOR that has some scans
      showing some details of the latest modifications.


      These plans are available for $50 from Bolger, who feels they are
      useful to consider for a standard Micro was well as the NAV version.

      Changes include an end plate on the rudder, slightly different keel
      profile forward, to accomoddate the anti-slap pad, bow-well much like
      that on the Long Micro with a tabernacle and staff that results in a
      "pointy bow." The bow floatation located somewhat differently, being
      along the sides, covered by a cutaway deck and of course a forward
      companionway and hatch.

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