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53955Re: [bolger] Micro Tabernacle

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  • Bruce Hallman
    Jun 1, 2007
      On 5/31/07, robert181605 <fuzzwurzle@...> wrote:
      > Hi am building a Micro, the LM is too much, does anyone know of
      > drawings or pictures of a Micro with mainmast in a tabernacle? Or
      > suggestions?
      > Bob

      I own the Chinese Gaff Navigator type of Micro, and I do not feel any
      need for a tabernacle. Stepping the mast is easy and handy, due to
      the ability to stand on top of the cabin (at the balance point of the
      mast) to insert the mast into the mast step. Easy. The hard thing is
      keeping the vertical lines and halyards untangled (while they droop on
      the horizontal). That problem would be identical with a tabernacle or

      If I was building the standard sprit rig cuddy type of Micro, I most
      certainly would avoid all things that increased the complexity. The
      beauty of that design is the elegant simplicity. Don't ruin the
      simplicity. Do you need to pass under a low bridge very often? Even
      if yes, consider that the mast can be potentially light enough to step
      and unstep conventionally, taking just moderate+ strength.
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