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53714RE: [bolger] Re: Sprit rig

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  • Christopher C. Wetherill
    May 8, 2007
      I have a sprit rig that was custom made, by a now defunct awning maker in
      Philadelphia, for a Sea Bright skiff. The luff is secured to mast with rope
      grommet hoops. The foot is laced to a boom with an outhaul and a downhaul.
      The snotter for the sprit has an eye splice in one end that slips into a
      fork in the end of the sprit. It then leads through a fairlead on the mast
      and belays on a cleat. The other end of the sprit inserts through a metal
      grommet at the peak. The grommet is a bronze thimble with the bolt-rope
      doubled around it.

      This boat is 16 feet long. The main is 78 sq. feet. There is also a 21 sq.
      foot jib. I was able to set them in under 1 minute.

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