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53650Small cats?

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  • The Peillet-Long Family
    Apr 30, 2007
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      Not felines, or catboats, but catamarans...

      Anyone have any thoughts on any small plywood catamaran designs,
      probably not Bolger? There are a lot of them out there, but most are
      more for a couple of athletic folks who don't mind getting wet, not a
      family with small kids.

      There are the Jarcats (very ugly) and a few others, including Jeff
      Gilbert's Hot Chili (even uglier, sorry, I know some folks like that
      one) and Thomas Firth Jones's Weekender (a possibility, but still too

      I am really looking around for something like my Junebugamaran or
      Crabskiffamaran concepts, where folks would ride in the hulls, not on
      the bridge deck, most of the time. The wide stance of a cat would be
      nice with a low sailplan and enough room for everyone. I keep coming
      back to the idea of a pair of those hulls, or maybe Pirate Racer
      hulls (which already have side decks) with a couple of light cabin
      trunks and modest rig.

      Any ideas?


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