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53619Re: [bolger] Re: The Teal (scaling down from the windsprint for a first boat)

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  • pgochnour@aol.com
    Apr 28 6:05 AM
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      I think of the weight thing as kind of like when you're going
      back-packing up in the mountains.... when chosing your gear you can shave off an ounce
      here, a couple of ounces there, a few ounces elsewhere, none very important by
      themselves, but in aggregate you can loose several pounds and that can make a
      real difference in how that pack feels ....same with a boat...a pound here, a
      couple of pounds there, added up, can make a difference ....of you have a big
      boat, something no one would imagine trying to carry by hand, and if you're
      using a trailer to launch and retrieve, then a few extra pounds are probably
      not be very important...but if you 'd like to be able to tote it on your
      shoulder or wrestle it in and out of a truck or up on a roof rack, then weight
      matters...I've been struggling with my own tendency to over-build ever since I
      built my first Teal years ago..have to consciously resist and over-ride my desire
      to make 'em overly sturdy...it's pretty easy to build a strong and sturdy boat
      if you don't care what it weighs...a boat that's both sturdy and light is
      somewhat more challenging..
      Tyson in Galveston

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