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53341Re: [bolger] Towing with little cars, was General Questions re: Bolger's "Surf"

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  • Kristine Bennett
    Apr 4 9:08 PM
      The one thing that has only been touched on here. With
      a small bore motor they don't like to be lugged at
      all. They make their power at high RPM. So to keep
      them from over heating, keep them spun up so they can
      make the power needed. In short down shift as soon as
      the RPMs start to fall off on the hills.

      I have towed with a 64 VW Baja Bug and 74 VW Bus and
      they did the job asked of them. My 79 Toyota 4x4 does
      all I ask of it and then some and it's a 2.3L motor.

      You also have to learn to plan well ahead of yourself
      all the time you are moving. Enjoy the time you have
      when you can.

      Blessings Krissie

      --- timbo@... wrote:

      > I certainly wouldn't portray my old Geo as the
      > ultimate towing machine.
      > And I purposefully purchased my powerboat because it
      > is exactly the right
      > size to hold my kids and still be reasonably towed
      > with my car.
      > Certainly the larger the vehicle, the less it is
      > affected by the weight of
      > the trailer.
      > What I hoped to accomplish was to provide an example
      > of what is doable,
      > not what is optimal. The original poster is
      > wondering if he can budget
      > for a $250 trailer, and I'm guessing he can't
      > entertain purchasing a
      > different vehicle just to tow his boat for 10
      > weekends in the summer. Is
      > his Passat capable of safely and occasionally towing
      > and launching any
      > unballasted sailboat under 20 feet without
      > destroying his drivetrain?
      > Almost certainly.
      > You are right, hills exacerbate the wear and tear
      > that towing puts on a
      > car, and I've certainly got no plans to pull my
      > powerboat through the
      > Rockies, but I'd be confident pulling it a couple
      > hundred miles on a
      > weekend excursion.
      > Sometimes it seems that this whole "trailering"
      > thing gets portrayed as
      > some big scary deal, and it doesn't need to be.
      > Tim

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