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53304Re: [bolger] Re: General Questions re: Bolger's "Surf"

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  • Patrick Crockett
    Apr 2, 2007
      I car-topped my Windsprint for a year before I invested in a trailer. It
      was hard -- no way I could do it now, 10 years later (without serious
      back pain the next few days). Also, we sold th Bonneville station wagon
      -- it would be a trick to fit it on top of a smaller car. The wind from
      passing trucks on th highway would probably sail you right off the road.
      On the other hand, with a trailer it is quite light -- I had no concerns
      pulling it behind my Mazda Protege. You can buy a trailer kit from West
      Marine -- adds a few hundred dollars to the total cost of the boat.


      marylandbeukers wrote:
      > Good information to know - especially about the possible cramped
      > quarters. Thank you very much. (Also, my wife just told me that our
      > oldest now weighs 60 lbs.!)
      > Can you tell me how much the Windsprint weighs? The 150 lbs. of your
      > Surf is about the max I wanted to go, and I'm assuming the Windsprint
      > weighs even more. (150 lbs may not seem like much, but I'm trying to
      > picture my wife and I up-ending and lifting a 150 lb, 16' boat onto
      > the top of our car - and the picture isn't pretty.) I also have to
      > make sure I can find a 4'6"+ roof rack that can fit my VW Passat
      > wagon.
      > Let me ask one other advice question: If the windsprint won't work
      > for me, is it possible to add a removable outrigger rig to the Surf?
      > My thinking is that this will help with stability and - possibly -
      > allow me to reduce the size of the flotation compartments which will
      > allow for more "people" room in the boat.
      > Any thoughts?
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