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53300Re:Modify a Windsprint?

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  • Matthew Lawson
    Apr 2, 2007

      I appreciate your concerns. Windsprint is really a very small boat.
      The pointy ends, though beautiful, make LOA deciptive, add no bouyancy,
      and constrain interior space. Before I built I strongly considered a
      stretched punt. After being out a few times, I wished I had done that
      or scaled the design to 18'. Oh well. I'm pleased overall. And she
      IS a beautiful boat.

      I have not had a knockdown, but then I didn't go with the balance lug
      as designed, which may make a difference. I've got sketches for my
      sprit-boomed sprit sail in bolger2\files\windsprint stuff. The foot of
      the sail is angled up, so I think I would sink the gunwale before I had
      a knockdown on any point of sailing. Or maybe I'm chicken. Maybe this
      summer, with warm water, all flotation, and my bailing bucket, I'll see
      how far I can press it.

      (Patrick: nice kayak! I've thought of building one next. Wait, Chris,
      why don't you just leapfrog the Windsprint, build a CLC kayak, and get
      the CLC outrigger and sea kayak sail kit. If you want to sprint on the
      wind, I think that may be your best bet. Or a hobie cat. Or an ice


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Christopher Wetherill" <wetherillc@...>
      > Matt,
      > Here is my concern. Look at Patrick Crockkett's pictures here:
      > http://home.nc.rr.com/pcrockett/boats.html The photo showing two
      > adults and a child aboard running close hauled doesn't show a lot of
      > reserve against heeling and "burying the rail". Coupled with the
      > numerous descriptions of swamping of Windsprints, I was inspired to
      > contemplate the behaviors that could result in me taking an unplanned
      > swim.
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