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53292Re: two modifications of Micro rig?

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  • alefoot
    Apr 1, 2007
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "danieljamesstewart4" <stewartd@...> wrote:

      > --I'm also thinking of building the mast as a tabernacle so it can be
      > stepped more easily. Again, has anyone tried this?

      Hi Dan

      Our Micro has a tabernacled main mast, "owner designed" rather than
      built to Phil and Susanne's design. Susanne's seen pictures, and only
      had nice things to say, although I should be absolutely clear that I'm
      not suggesting that she or Phil endorse my fooling around.
      Anyway, it works fine. I did the DIY thing partly because the PB&F
      designed tabernacle changed the sail balance and implied a revised
      mizzen. DIY kept the sails we already had.

      The main advantage of the tabernacle is not that it is easier than
      stepping the main in the original manner [although it can be when the
      wind gets up] but rather that the tabernacled version is a lot quicker
      to deploy from a trailer. Before, we carried the masts in stubby
      gallows while on the road, and at the ramp the masts had to be lifted
      clear, the gallows removed , the tiedowns disposed of, the masts
      stepped, blah, blah. Now, the mizzen straps to the main while
      travelling, and at the ramp the main can be swung into position in a
      blink. All the cordage associated with our gaff rig remains connected.

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