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53280Re: [bolger] Re: two modifications of Micro rig?

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  • Bruce Hallman
    Mar 31, 2007
      > Also Daniel do you have the latest upgrades to the Micro plans?
      > They include, a tabernacled mainmast and a different bow design
      > including anti-slap pad. These upgrades are included in the Micro
      > Navigator upgrade plans, but also apply to the standard version.

      I think Daniel is thinking of the sprit rig. The 'upgrade'
      tabernacle is for the Navigator rig, and moves the mast forward. I
      don't think it would be wise to mix the two without consulting with
      PB&F to get a new balanced shape to cut the sprit mainsail.

      Also, owning one, I favor the navigator rig only because it is
      essential to allow the sailing from within the inside of the excellent
      navigator cabin. A micro navigator has no cockpit.

      I think Daniel is leaning towards the cuddy version, and that would
      indicate the use of the vastly simpler sprit rig.

      Personally, I don't really find that stepping and unstepping the main
      mast is all that hard, because by standing on top of the cabin one has
      an excellent angle to balance point and handle it all. What I do find
      to be hard to do is to keep the rather large tangle of lines straight
      when the mast is horizontal. Be aware that the jaws from the boom,
      three battens and gaff all need to be eased off the mast to allow the
      mast to swing down on the tabernacle. In my experience, it is the
      loose jaws that contribute to the tangle.

      The other thing that makes for tangle is that I have chosen (found
      necessary) to use a double part for the jaw halyard and both the
      topping lifts. I therefore have six runs of lines for the topping
      lift (up, down, up) x 2 and three runs for the jaw halyard (up, down,
      up) and two for the peak halyard (up, down), plus the vang line to get
      in the mix. Plus, there are four fairly complex runs of line for the
      reefing. 17 parts of line at the mast. (And, don't forget the lines,
      sheets, and sheetlets aft) Compare this with the MUCH simpler sprit

      Not that I am not happy with my navigator rig, I am very much
      (extremely) happy with my navigator cabin, and the complex rig is
      therefore necessary. Once it is built and once the initial set up is
      over, the complexity of the rig is not nearly so overwhelming.
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