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53276Re: two modifications of Micro rig?

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  • Nels
    Mar 30, 2007
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Bruce Hallman" <bruce@...> wrote:
      > > There's no specific mention of a sail track, though.
      > Look on drawing sheet 5 of 5, right hand side.

      Also Daniel do you have the latest upgrades to the Micro plans?

      They include, a tabernacled mainmast and a different bow design
      including anti-slap pad. These upgrades are included in the Micro
      Navigator upgrade plans, but also apply to the standard version.

      If you are working from older plans, the upgrade is available for
      $50 I believe. You might also want to consider the foward hatch
      arrangement suggested on the upgrade, since the tabernacled mast is
      further forward giving more space in the forward well.

      I posted some scans showing the modifications at Bolger4 a couple
      years ago.


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