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53264Re: two modifications of Micro rig?

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  • Bill
    Mar 29, 2007
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      I am currently building a Long Micro, and the plans call for 5/8 inch
      "T" sail track. The same should be fine for your Micro, as others
      have noted.

      In regards to a mast tabernacle, Jason Stancil built a micro-like
      /navigator-like boat a few years ago, with a mast tabernacle. There
      are some large pictures of his boat hiding in the files (not photos)
      section of Bolger 6. Worth a look. Jim Michalak's newsletter had a
      good article on mast tabernacles a while back. You can find a link to
      his newsletter from the Duckworks magazine website. Both are
      excellent resources. My advice? Consider any modifications very
      carefully- but build what you want.

      Bill, LM builder, in Ohio

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "danieljamesstewart4" <stewartd@...> wrote:
      > I'm in the planning stages preparing to build a Micro and I have two
      > questions for my first post to this group?
      > --Is there any reason why I couldn't put a sail track on the mast of
      > the spritsail rig. This would allow reefing the main without
      > interference from the snotter (I know that a halyard and some kind of
      > outhaul will be needed). Has anybody tried this with one of Bolger's
      > rigs?
      > --I'm also thinking of building the mast as a tabernacle so it can be
      > stepped more easily. Again, has anyone tried this?
      > Thanks for any comments or suggestions.
      > Dan
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