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52914Re: Black Skimmer for sale

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  • lancasterdennis
    Mar 1, 2007
      Which goes to show you that all of us who choose to build our own boats
      are getting alot for our money in today's prices. The only rub comes
      when we choose to sell. But, I just keep telling myself that I am not
      building my boat to sell and try to make a buck, I'm doing it for me
      and maybe my kid after I'm gone. A labor of love.

      Wayne, would you care to share with us some more detail about the
      sailing charactoristics of the Skimmer? What is she like out on the
      water and is she as fast as I suspect that she is?



      - In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Wayne Gilham" <wgilham@...> wrote:
      > Yes my boat is "a lot of boat for the price" -- it's gotta go!
      > I'm aware of the Nexus Boat project -- offered my ideas about leeboard
      > davits and my other mods to the builders, but they were already well
      > enough along that they chose to not incorporate these ideas -- I've
      > also contacted the buyer of that new boat, he DOES have some
      > interest.... boy, is it EXPENSIVE to have one of these built -- well
      > over $50k!!!
      > Wayne Gilham
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