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52769Re: Bolger cruising catamaran

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  • graeme19121984
    Feb 14, 2007
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      that would be an interesting one to see. Was it also of relatively
      modest breadth?

      This ply home buildable design is something over 20Ft long. Hull
      beam is something like a whopping 6ft. Overall beam is about 14Ft.
      Hull centrelines about 8ft apart. Min draft about 18", and with
      board down about another 4ft. Mast height about 35ft, and sail area
      about 220sqft. Access and standing room under small area raised
      cuddy. These dimensions are difficult to scale and it may be 50%
      more. I've worked from a supposed 6ft height below the cuddy. L/B
      about 10/3. Not a fast boat, but roomy, liveable, and, for a cat,
      burdensome. I doubt it much faster than a Bolger box, less level
      riding than a conventional cat at anchor, but probably more
      liveable. That's a real cruising cat able to take some rough sea;
      not a gin-palace, high-rise, bridgedeck housed one.

      Mast with simplified rig, inboard engine, centreboard, working area,
      and a cockpit similar to AS29 in starboard (sorry for previous
      mixup) hull. Domestic accomodation in port hull - possibly double in
      aft cabin (but may be storage), and two single convertable berths in
      midships saloon. I'd say you could opt to have some accomodation in
      the starboard hull, but then isn't that what a work shed is for some
      guys? Boarding (& swimming) step off the port transom for the dinghy
      stowed aft on that side.

      Very unusual for a cruising cat: a 20deg heeling angle shown,
      compared to the usual 5deg max. Beyond the 20deg? Not sure if the
      windward hull would then dangerously fly as suddenly as usual, or
      that the leeward bow would tend to pitchpole (lots of bouyancy
      there). In calculating seaworthiness Bolger may have gotten back
      here what was traded off in speed.


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Bruce Hallman" <bruce@...> wrote:
      > About 50 feet long? There is a similar (or same) from an MAIB
      > 1998, except I don't remember the workshop, but I do remember that
      > was set up to handle three couples, in three staterooms.
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