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52558Re:Steel ASharpie: speculation on plate thicknesses?

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    Feb 1, 2007
      Hi All

      I hope the group doesn't impose the same penalties for
      apostasy that the muslims would like to,but,although I
      like the idea of a steel Bolger box,there are some
      1 Waterwitch
      This is the Maurice Griffith's 'Eventide' big sister -
      30' or 35' long.Plans are available for a steel
      version and second hand examples come up
      occasionally.If you don't like leeboards the mark1 is
      the one to look for.The mark2 only draws 2ft but that
      has leeboards.There is some antagonism between the
      Eventide owners association and the Eventide owners
      group.EOG is much more active but the EOA has the
      plans for the steel versions - cost$200-250
      2.Wylo 2
      32ft or 35ft gaff orjunk rig.draft about 3ft3in.Wooden
      upperworks on the 32ft which might be the way to keep
      the weight down on a steel bolger box.Several
      circumnavigations to it's credit
      Andy Airey

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