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  • dave seeton
    Feb 1, 2007
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      So we're talking about memorial day week-end? in Beauford NC? Or somewhere in SC. I live on Lake Hartwell in western SC. It has 986 miles of shoreline, not sure of wind conditions as I don't sail. Big water around the Dam. Should I look into aroud here or does some one have another idea?
      We need some input from list members if this is going to happen.

      Rhett Davis <ravenous@...> wrote:
      Having been to the MIDWEST messabout several times, I think do it perfectly.
      Anyone can come with any boat or no boat at all.
      No particular schedule except for maybe a group meal.
      Lots of looking, talking, and playing in boats.

      Being from South Georgia, and having a larger boat to trailer,
      I'd favor SC over NC.

      I love cruising tidal creeks and rivers,
      and believe lakes can be pretty bland,
      but for a messabout, you can't beat a
      campground on protected wide water.
      That way sailors, rowers, paddlers, and
      motorboaters, all get to play. Most of the
      good stuff at a messabout happens on the
      shore anyway.

      Let's not drop this thread. Let's pick location central to
      those who have expressed interest that has the features
      for a boat gathering. When is memorial day?
      I, for one, am excited about the possibilities so far.

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      > Hello
      > Never been to a messabout. Is it limited to only Bolger designed? Only
      > Sail?
      > Memorial W/E is ok for by me, Motel for us.
      > Dave
      > Patrick Crockett <pcrockett@...> wrote:
      > It seems that Beaufort NC has resonated most with potential
      > SouthEast
      > messabouters. There are a lot of motels in Morehead City, Beaufort,
      > Atlantic Beach, and thereabouts, as well as private campgrounds. Also
      > primitive camping in the Cape Lookout National Seashore (Shackleford
      > Banks a couple or four miles sail from Beaufort, or South Core Banks, a
      > two to five mile sail from points within 30 minutes of Beaufort). Are
      > folks more interested in motels or camping? And, more interested in
      > primitive or commercial camping?
      > Also, more interested in sailing along the Beaufort waterfront, within
      > the narrow channels in the sound inside the banks, on the Neuse River (a
      > bit north of Beaufort)?
      > I was in Beaufort last July 4th for the tall ships -- it was scary --
      > too many motor boats moving too fast. I got swamped by big weird waves
      > around the turning mark between Beaufort and Morehead City. I imagine
      > most July 4th weekends are not so crazy, but still I'd prefer to avoid
      > that particular weekend. Memorial day weekend would give people the
      > opportunity to take advantage of a 3-day weekend, the water is
      > comfortable, there is still a chance of wind (not quite into the summer
      > doldrums). Would that be a good weekend for everyone?
      > Patrick
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