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  • Wesley Cox
    Feb 1, 2007
      Good idea. I actually have a boat trailer with no boat on it that I could modify, and would have to modify for any curvy hull I would build next. I had considered detaching the trailer from the hitch and pulling it with boat across the beach but the necessary tongue weight for driving would require a tongue extension to make it reasonable for hand carting, resulting in a big long heavy thing to maneuver across the sand. Thanks for the idea.

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      Sent: Thursday, February 01, 2007 8:14 AM
      Subject: [bolger] Re: Light Dory Type V

      Hi Wesley,

      Personally, I'm leaning toward a cart with 2 wheel barrow size
      pneumatic wheels (to not sink in the sand, hopefully) which attaches
      to the gunnels while the boat is still on the rack and a process I
      envision that would never require lifting more than half the weight
      of the boat.

      I built a hand cart that looks like a small wooden trailer for my
      Long Light Dory. It's a bit heavy, since it has a 4x4 backbone, but
      it beats trailer launching for this sort of "in between" size boat.
      I carry the boat and cart to the lake on 2x6 crosswise bunks bolted
      to the deck of a 16' utility trailer, then roll the boat off using
      cheap ramps and right into the water. This also allows me to launch
      off the small beach area away from the impatient crowd in their huge
      plastic noisemakers. If you have other use for a utility trailer
      (and who doesn't) and a place to park it, I recommend looking into
      this approach. Besides, you can carry different boats you might
      build later with the same trailer.

      Jon Kolb

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