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52545Re: [bolger] Re: Light Dory Type V

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  • Sam Glasscock
    Feb 1, 2007
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      Yeah, but aren't they a sweet boat to row, and to look
      at? I always used to say mine was the prettiest boat
      in the county, and she still would be, if I hadn't
      built her out of luan.
      --- adventures_in_astrophotography
      <jon@...> wrote:

      > Hi Sam,
      > ... snip...
      > > Anyone who can stand in an empty gull and
      > > scull it is a better man than I.
      > I'll second that! I left the sculling notch out of
      > my Long Light Dory
      > tombstone, simply because it was hard to cut out,
      > but I can't imagine
      > standing up for long in that boat in anything but
      > flat water. It's
      > possible that the sculling oar would provide some
      > balance, but I'm
      > happy to keep my butt on the seat and row.
      > Jon Kolb
      > www.kolbsadventures.com/boatbuilding_index.htm

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