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  • devemaster1
    Jan 22, 2007
      Your boat project sounds very nice. From what I've seen of the San
      Juans, it is a beautiful place. I spent some time out there, plus
      Seattle and Bellingham. Nice view of the islands from the top of the
      Chuckanut range. I wish you luck, and yes I will keep dreaming, and
      maybe start building soon!


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Kristine Bennett <femmpaws@...> wrote:
      > Hey Steve I have a old 17 foot fiberglass vee hull
      > that is going to get fixed up. I've been on San Juan
      > Island for over 7 years and have never put a boat in
      > the water! I had the outboard stolen off it and the
      > cops were less then helpful.
      > Well last weekend I picked up a good running 65 HP
      > that was being trouted as a short shaft.... Well it's
      > a long shaft and will be going on the hull as soon as
      > the weather warms up.
      > Then I will be fixing up the hull with a small cabin
      > and leave room in the back so there is room to sleep
      > on the deck. I'm thinking of putting a small walk
      > through cabin on it with two seats and a bit of
      > counterspace so one can do a bit of cooking when you
      > are out. Cold food is not fun when it's cold out there
      > too!
      > Hey at times Dreams are the only thing that keep us
      > alive and moving ahead!
      > So keep the dream alive and well! For if it was not
      > for me keeping a dream alive I would be dead. It was
      > just a small dream that did the job. When you hate
      > life it's hard to keep a dream alive. But I did and
      > I'm still here and very much in love with life!
      > So keep on dreaming but at some point make the dream
      > REAL TOO! I did and enjoying it every day!
      > Very Bright Blessings to all
      > Krissie
      > --- devemaster1 <devemaster1@...> wrote:
      > > I'll take full responsibility for my involvement,
      > > such as it was, and
      > > you can laugh hardest at me, especially if you have
      > > a boat, working or
      > > not, because you're closer to the dream than I am.
      > >
      > > Currently my boats are of the conceptual variety
      > > with the occasional
      > > paper model. More often they are scribblings in the
      > > margins of "mmore
      > > important" paperwork.
      > >
      > > Soon though, I hope, THE BOAT will begin to be
      > > built. As Jim Kirk
      > > might say: Must...hang on... to ...the...dream!
      > >
      > >
      > > cheers,
      > >
      > > Steve
      > >
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