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  • Kristine Bennett
    Jan 21, 2007
      Hey Steve I have a old 17 foot fiberglass vee hull
      that is going to get fixed up. I've been on San Juan
      Island for over 7 years and have never put a boat in
      the water! I had the outboard stolen off it and the
      cops were less then helpful.

      Well last weekend I picked up a good running 65 HP
      that was being trouted as a short shaft.... Well it's
      a long shaft and will be going on the hull as soon as
      the weather warms up.

      Then I will be fixing up the hull with a small cabin
      and leave room in the back so there is room to sleep
      on the deck. I'm thinking of putting a small walk
      through cabin on it with two seats and a bit of
      counterspace so one can do a bit of cooking when you
      are out. Cold food is not fun when it's cold out there

      Hey at times Dreams are the only thing that keep us
      alive and moving ahead!

      So keep the dream alive and well! For if it was not
      for me keeping a dream alive I would be dead. It was
      just a small dream that did the job. When you hate
      life it's hard to keep a dream alive. But I did and
      I'm still here and very much in love with life!

      So keep on dreaming but at some point make the dream
      REAL TOO! I did and enjoying it every day!

      Very Bright Blessings to all

      --- devemaster1 <devemaster1@...> wrote:

      > I'll take full responsibility for my involvement,
      > such as it was, and
      > you can laugh hardest at me, especially if you have
      > a boat, working or
      > not, because you're closer to the dream than I am.
      > Currently my boats are of the conceptual variety
      > with the occasional
      > paper model. More often they are scribblings in the
      > margins of "mmore
      > important" paperwork.
      > Soon though, I hope, THE BOAT will begin to be
      > built. As Jim Kirk
      > might say: Must...hang on... to ...the...dream!
      > cheers,
      > Steve

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