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51974Re: [bolger] Re: water ballast vs lead, iron, etc

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  • derbyrm
    Dec 5, 2006
      Careful on the lath. The stuff one bought forty years ago was fine wood; continuous lengths with few flaws. I used it for model RR roadbed. A few years later the only sticks I could find were made up from short segments joined with finger splices. It didn't bend and it broke if you looked at it funny. Probably still adequate for rose vines, but worthless for the task I wanted.

      As for collaboration, don't you first have to find someone who is as enthusiastic about the idea as you are?


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      From: Guy Vandegrift
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      Subject: [bolger] Re: water ballast vs lead, iron, etc

      That's why I am not interested in writing the paper myself.

      Re: "idea for overbuilt boat". I know I am mixing threads, but both
      are linked by my attempt to collaborate via internet with a group of
      kids, somewhere in the world. I think the LNS on that project is a
      12-ft "overbuilt" dinghy out of 0.25in by 1.5in lathe sticks (the
      cheaper the better). Instead of a double-transverse layer, consider
      a cross-stitched "weave" of long transverse sticks with longitudinal
      sticks only a few boardwidths accross (short to permit clamping).
      That should solve the buckling problem.

      They say the hull is only a third the cost of a boat. I bet if we
      cut the cost of the hull by a third, people will find ways to cut the
      other 2/3s by 1/3. Both projects are long-range and admittedly long-
      shots, justified by the idea that this is educational, and not too
      dangerous if the work is done by WELL SUPERVISED middle or high
      school kids. This is more fun and a lot more usefull than most of
      the stuff I wrote for AJP.


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      > Bob

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