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51973Re: water ballast vs lead, iron, etc

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  • Guy Vandegrift
    Dec 5, 2006
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      That's why I am not interested in writing the paper myself.

      Re: "idea for overbuilt boat". I know I am mixing threads, but both
      are linked by my attempt to collaborate via internet with a group of
      kids, somewhere in the world. I think the LNS on that project is a
      12-ft "overbuilt" dinghy out of 0.25in by 1.5in lathe sticks (the
      cheaper the better). Instead of a double-transverse layer, consider
      a cross-stitched "weave" of long transverse sticks with longitudinal
      sticks only a few boardwidths accross (short to permit clamping).
      That should solve the buckling problem.

      They say the hull is only a third the cost of a boat. I bet if we
      cut the cost of the hull by a third, people will find ways to cut the
      other 2/3s by 1/3. Both projects are long-range and admittedly long-
      shots, justified by the idea that this is educational, and not too
      dangerous if the work is done by WELL SUPERVISED middle or high
      school kids. This is more fun and a lot more usefull than most of
      the stuff I wrote for AJP.


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