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51962Re: water ballast vs lead, iron, etc

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  • Guy Vandegrift
    Dec 2, 2006
      My boat stability project has reached the point where it must go
      dormant till I get collaborators. The price a professor pays for doing
      "trivial" research is that it must focus on education. Anybody who can
      contribute is welcome to apply.

      I need someone who either did well in high school physics, geometry,
      and algebra, or who has strengthened these skills in college. Most
      college graduates have poor writing skills, but anybody who can
      write can be prinicpal author on a paper to AJP (American Journal of
      Physics). A high school student with a parent who can write, along
      with somebody who knows boats and can run hull stability software,
      would make an awesome team! Though most papers in AJP have one author,
      I think they will like the diversity and perhaps even physical
      remoteness of those who solve this problem.


      See "Stiffness of an Advanced Sharpie" on my homepage at

      P.S. AJP pays authors ten times what I hear they pay contributors to
      MAIB, which is nothing.
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