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51960Re: water ballast vs lead, iron, etc

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  • Guy Vandegrift
    Dec 1, 2006
      Ouch! You caught me being vague and sloppy in my language. When one
      chine goes down, the other one comes up. But in my defense, the
      center of the bottom does "lift" up.

      I developed this insight when I was building Michalak's 4'x12' Piccup
      Pram. I saw these 4'x8' Styrofoam slabs (maybe 3" thick) in a home
      improvement store and wondered how one would behave if it rested
      (empty) on water. By my stiffness formula, the empty slab would be
      very stiff, but only at very, very, small angle. Once the bottom
      lifted above the water, a slight breeze would flip it over.

      A typical Advanced Sharpie might resemble this slab. When I first
      started looking at boat hulls on the internet, I was surprized by the
      shallow draft.

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "graeme19121984" <graeme19121984@...>
      > Guy,
      > I'm missing something here. How can the boat lift in static
      > conditions when the mass is unchanged. "Lift" defined by displacing
      > less water. How is the boat made lighter?
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