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51958Re: water ballast vs lead, iron, etc

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  • graeme19121984
    Dec 1, 2006

      I'm missing something here. How can the boat lift in static
      conditions when the mass is unchanged. "Lift" defined by displacing
      less water. How is the boat made lighter?

      By the way, please keep on inquiring. Very interesting work.


      PS Sorry group for three repetitive posts above. Not sure how that
      happened - I hit stop after send, once, as I wanted to edit

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Guy Vandegrift" <guy.vandegrift@...>
      > Graeme,
      > You are absolutly right in observing that the lifting of the boat
      > begins as soon as the angle deviates from zero. Hence, the linear
      > relation between torque and angle is never strictly true. I believe
      > (hope) that this effect is sufficiently small in most boats. This
      > needs to be checked, either numerically or experimentally.
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