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51943Re: water ballast vs. lead, iron, etc

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  • graeme19121984
    Dec 1, 2006
      The more I've pondered some emblematic examples of the
      extraordinarily parsimonious writing style of PCB the younger, the
      more I wonder at the wonder of it. The vision exchanged, much said
      in little ink.

      There's the old adage of a picture being worth a thousand words
      (here too PCB excels). Ho hum, heard that before. However I find it
      remarkable how sometimes PCB has strikingly used but a few words to
      describe a thousand pictures.

      For example, regarding the current discussion, I believe all to do
      with ballast, cross sectional shape, beam, draft, length,
      metacentric height, COG, COB, GZ, deep bulb keels, though perhaps
      not specifically ballast moment of inertia, was REDUCED to writing
      by PCB the younger quite some time ago. One needs perhaps be a
      little familiar with the context where presented, and no doubt a
      rudimentary understanding of the naval design terms also helps, but
      once assimilated I think a reasonable approximation of almost how
      any hull is likely to perform under press of sail can be "seen" in
      the mind's eye when guided by PCB's enlightening insight, so well

      PCB could explain it in two sentences. I have to repeat that, in
      two (!!) sentences:

      "The upright stance is possible because in spite of being narrow for
      her length, she's wide for her depth under water." (FS, p81 Rondo
      ll); and "But regardless of her length, a boat that is deep-bodied
      for her breadth, and doesn't carry her ballast on a deep fin, will
      be tender under sail." (FS, p69 Blackgauntlet ll)

      This explanation takes quite a bit of unpacking, however I believe
      it contains all that is required - perhaps a book or two's worth.

      (Also, when mentally considering neutral ballast hull volumes simply
      subtract them from the overall hull shape until they are above the

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