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51499Re: Borrowing / Lending / Sharing / Copying / Copyright

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  • Stefan Probst
    Nov 5, 2006
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      --- Randy Hough <randy.hough@...> wrote:
      > The difference is that the library purchased the book.
      > The publisher and author were paid.

      Well, the one who scans his books/magazines paid for his copy, too.

      BTW, I was - as a starting point - talking about books that are not on
      sale anymore, and where they have no intention to print them again.

      If I take a book from a library, scan it for my friend who can't come
      to the library, and send the scan to him?

      > I would be more than happy to pay the non-production cost
      > of a book to be able to download it on-line.
      > Production costs being printing, binding, warehousing, and shipping.


      > Scanning and posting printed work on the net is the same
      > as sharing music or video files. Think Napster.

      Only, if
      a) the printed work is still on sale
      b) the music is not available in libraries

      Books and articles in old magazines are different.

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