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51419Re: Bolger's power mitihulls

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  • graeme19121984
    Nov 1 5:32 PM
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      > > > OK here is a question the group, how many diffrent
      > > > power catamarans and trimarans had PCB designed that
      > > > are under 30 feet?

      4 or 5. How to count? Designed for straight power, or auxiliary
      power? Those that reasonably could have auxiliary power, though not
      shown as such?

      The designs index lists about 9 to 10, or so, depending how you
      count them. A few are studies/earlier plans that became somewhat
      different plans.

      There's Bolger indications there are more than have been published,
      or are in the index, eg the Bolger vee-bottom, inboard, stay
      sail "Cruising Cat(-amaran)" in Derek Harvey's "Multihulls for
      Cruising and Racing". It had moderate beam as reportedly Bolger
      reasoned that gave a less jagged stability curve and compact

      There used to be earlier this year, current photos of a Bolger 24'
      aquaculture power catamaran built at the Old Wharf Dory yard that
      was still a goer: http://www.oldwharf.com/history.html It had
      moderate twin ob power, vee-bottoms deeper at the bow and flattening
      astern, kinda beamy hulls with lowish freeboard, sheltered helm, and
      good speed on the plane I would think. I think there's a pic in one
      of the bolgergroups.

      Seems to be only 5 straight power multis: Bantam, Fishcat, Trashcat;
      and the two Power Cats, #480, and #598, the first of which the Old
      Wharf Dory yard example is likely to be, and the second may be a PCB
      supplied version of the CSD Fishcat #469... making it 4 in all that
      are known.

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