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51022Re: How would Mr Bolger update Cynthia J?

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  • graeme19121984
    Oct 8 8:06 AM
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "John and Kathy Trussell"
      <jtrussell2@...> wrote:
      > All of these modifications a) increase the amount of plywood
      needed, b) increase the weight of the boat (degrading performance),
      and c) change the concept. If you want a small, self righting boat,
      maybe there are better designs than Cynthia J (see PCB's Old Shoe
      and Supermouse designs, for his approaches).
      > JohnT

      Hi John,

      all you say is true, and the increased plywood pile would nearly
      complete AS19, a boat designed to serve close to the original
      intention, I think, of a group day sailer with a cuddy, but with
      much deck space for sprawling. However, for instance, in AS19 PCB&F
      wanted to get away from people being confined to the cockpit and I
      would like one that provides deep shelter. As PCB wrote about
      Cynthia J it is rare to find a boat nowadays that you can sit in. He
      has studied Herreshoff's Rozinante closely, and as Herreshoff
      observed about the Rozinante that cockpit type tops all.

      The sublime Anhinga could be got out from a slightly smaller pile of
      wood than AS19 requires. She has the best cockpit. Wonderful.
      However, she carries capsize and flooding concerns similar to the
      unrevised Marth Jane. Doing away with the aft ventilation, and a
      truly watertight hatch to the aft compartment might fix. The
      ventilation as designed is very elegant, as is the truly amazing
      system of apparent aft ballast COG shifting athwartships with
      associated negative pitching that leads to the flooding concern as a
      knock on effect.

      Modification to Cynthia J might be easier, and she has that rig. The
      boom on a gallows provides a great ridge pole for a cockpit tent.
      Makes a nice place to sit out a sunny day under with lots of
      ventilation and cooled sustenance close by. Carry the tent forward
      to the mast and both cudddy hatches could be off in the rain.

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