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50959Paint system ideas

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  • camalexander2002
    Oct 4, 2006
      Nearing paint time on my Bantam - at least on the bottom and sides.
      Spent too much time this summer sanding off and repainting my Skimmer,
      after using Bin (shellac) primer and latex paint. Bin held to the
      epoxy, but the latex let go of the primer. My Pirogue has lasted
      twice as many years with no repaint necessary - also Bin primer/latex
      paint. The thought of having to redo the Bantam every three or four
      years sends shudders down my spine. I would rather spend a bunch on
      the paint and only have to do it once a decade. The Bantam will
      probably sit in the water for the season. I need recommendations for
      a bottom and topsides paint system, including primer. What say ye?

      Tenative boat name "Wu Wei" - meaning "go with the flow", or
      "intelligently doing nothing". It is an illusive concept better
      explained on several Daoist sites. My Skimmer tender is "Vitus Brevis"
      Life is short - so's my boat. I know, I know - too much time on my
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